Transparency and Accountability

Senator Gillibrand believes that transparency and accountability are the hallmarks of what makes government work for the people. That is why she led by example and became the first Member of Congress to post a Sunlight Report that included her official schedule, personal financial disclosures, and earmark requests online. She also releases her tax returns annually. The New York Times called it “a quiet touch of revolution in Washington.”

After a 60 Minutes investigation uncovered gaping loopholes that allow members of Congress to use insider information gained through their Congressional duties to gain personal profits, Kirsten authored and passed the STOCK Act, to provide greater transparency to make sure members of Congress play by the same rules as everyone else.

Senator Gillibrand will continue to make sure that Congress is accountable to the people, and will fight to updates the laws and regulations that ensure that Members of Congress and officials in the Government play by the same rules as everyone else.