What you need to know about UI and the CARES Act

What’s new in unemployment insurance?

Workers who apply for unemployment insurance because of the coronavirus are now entitled to an additional $600 as part of their benefits.

Who can receive unemployment insurance benefits?

In addition to traditional workers, workers who are self-employed, part time workers, independent contractors, or individuals with a limited work history are also covered in this plan.

How long can I claim unemployment while out of work?

Unemployment benefits have also been extended to a total of 4 months per worker until December 31, 2020.?

Is there a waiting period for benefits?

There is no waiting period. The previous 7 day waiting period has been waived to ensure that workers are receiving their benefits as soon as possible.

How can I apply for benefits?

Unemployment insurance is distributed by the states. New Yorkers can visit New York State’s Department of Labor website for more information.