Interior, Environment, and Related Agencies Congressionally Directed Spending Requests for Fiscal Year 2023

Senator Gillibrand has submitted funding requests to the Senate Appropriations Committee for various state and local community projects that will benefit New Yorkers all across the state. Projects are listed in alphabetical order by location. 

Under guidelines issued by the Senate Appropriations Committee, each Senator had the opportunity to submit CDS requests for their state for Fiscal Year 2023. It should be noted that only a handful of projects may actually be funded, and we cannot guarantee which those will be. Projects are restricted to a limited number of federal funding streams, and only state and local governments and eligible non-profit entities are permitted to receive funding.  

In compliance with Senate Rules and Committee requirements, Senator Gillibrand has certified that she and her immediate family have no financial interest in any of the projects she has requested. 



City of Albany

Albany City Hall Restoration & Renovation, Phase I and Phase II


Deferred maintenance and a piecemeal approach to some repairs of City Hall at Albany have led to visible deterioration in some areas of the structure. In order to address this issue a preliminary existing condition study was commissioned out to understand the prevailing situation in more detail. A report made by an architectural firm confirms the urgency of carrying out the roof repairs and exterior facade restoration.

All Counties located within Upper Susquehanna Watershed

Tioga County Soil & Water Conservation District

Natural Filter Restoration, Climate & Community Resiliency in the Upper Susquehanna River Watershed


With this proposal the Upper Susquehanna Coalition, seeks to secure funding to support implementation of water quality and quantity goals within the NY portion of the Upper Susquehanna River Watershed. By securing funding for the coalition, the USC distributes funds to numerous projects that have been planned, designed and are ready for implementation by our member counties and partners to increase the rate of practice implementation.



Town of Amherst

Parkland Acquisition- Amherst Central Park


The Town of Amherst has the unique opportunity to acquire an 170-acre vacant parcel to become Amherst Central Park, after remediation by its current owners and to include park amenities. The vision for Amherst Central Park is to structure, design and create an exemplary multi-use park with broad year-round appeal.



City of Batavia

Lead Service Project Replacement Initiative


All lead and galvanized services will need to be inventoried and replaced as Genesee County moves forward with Phase III of a County-wide water project and the source of City water will change from the City Water Plant to the Monroe County Water Authority.



Genesee County

Genesee County Water Security and Resiliency Macomber and Galloway Rd Transmissions Mains


To avoid running out of water, the County is embarking on phase 3 of its water security, improvement, and resiliency project. This phase will be able to provide an additional 7.6 million gallons per day to its supply. This request for the Macomber Road & Galloway Road WM is an important element of Phase 3.  The 8” water main along Macomber Road and the 12” water main along Galloway Road will help provide additional water from the Town of Batavia into the Town of Alabama hydraulic demands.



Genesse- Orleans Regional Arts Council

Seymour Place- ADA Renovations


GO ART! needs to utilize its facility to its fullest potential for programming and as an income maker. There will be renovations dome to repurpose the building’s basement and attic into additional studio and arts storage space.



Save the Sound

Hutchinson Ricer Watershed Plan


Save the Sound proposes to develop a watershed plan for the Hutchinson River watershed in the Bronx, New York, using the EPA Nine Element (9E) Watershed Management Plan approach and incorporating components of resilience and flood planning. The goal is to restore the river so that people from all walks of life can once again safely enjoy fishing, swimming, and boating, and that wildlife can thrive in clean, healthy waters.



One Symphony Circle

Preservation of First Presbyterian Church


In 2010 the building’s main tower was found to be in danger of imminent collapse.  Stopgap measures, partially funded by New York State, have stabilized the tower but much work remains to be done before it is safe. The smaller tower has a tile roof, portions of which are leaking and must be replaced to prevent damage to the building’s interior and the rare Noehren organ located below in the choir loft.  Additionally, the slate roof on the east side is over a hundred years old and has begun the shed shingles and leak.  This situation endangers the underlying structural elements. 



Village of Portville

Village of Portville Water System Improvements


The Village of Portville owns and operates a water system with several components that do not meet current health standards, or need significant rehabilitation or replacement due to age related deficiencies. As a result of the condition of the water system, the Cattaraugus County Department of Health has issued several serious violations.



Town of Ellicottville

Town of Ellicottville Water System Improvements


The Ellicottville Water System Improvement Project proposes to replace critical aging infrastructure, replace water storage tanks, replace water transmission mains, and upgrade water production wells and treatment process. 



Town of Cazenovia

Lakeland Parks Improvement


The Village of Cazenovia will implement improvements to Lakeland Park which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Improvements will include: reconstruction of iconic historic stone masonry pier including several areas where the stone wall is failing; improve the parking and vehicular patterns including traffic calming measures to reduce vehicular-pedestrian conflicts; create a waterfront plaza between the beach area and parking lot to create a buffer and a safer environment for beach goers; expansion of the beach area to increase capacity.


Chautauqua County

Village of Sherman

Village of Sherman Stormwater Management System Improvements


The majority of existing stormwater infrastructure in the Village of Sherman is inadequate, antiquated, undersized, and offers no water quality treatment to protect French Creek from contaminated runoff. The Village proposes to undertake a stormwater management system improvement project that will help manage, reduce, and treat runoff from the Village of Sherman.


Chautauqua County

Town of Mina

Mina Water Quality and Stormwater Management System Improvements


Findley Lake is a NYSDEC listed impaired waterbody located in the Town of Mina with high phosphorus loading that regularly experiences harmful algal blooms (HABs). The Town proposes to undertake a large-scale stormwater management system improvement project that will help manage, reduce, and treat runoff to various local waterways including Findley Lake.


Chautauqua County

Chautauqua County

Westside Sewer Extension Phase 2


Chautauqua Lake as an impaired water body per Section 303(d) of the federal Clean Water Act and a Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) phosphorus allocation was subsequently determined in 2012. The TMDL identified various sources that contributed to the Lake’s phosphorus levels, one of which was private septic systems utilized by properties not served by a publicly owned treatment works (POTW).


Chautauqua County

North Chautauqua Lake Sewer District

North Chautauqua Lake Sewer District Rehab Project


Chautauqua County’s NCLSD sanitary collection system is antiquated and currently suffers from extensive inflow and infiltration (I-I) of ground and stormwater into the sewer system. This project will not only upgrade existing failing antiquated sanitary sewer infrastructure and reduce I-I, but it will also help create capacity for future district expansions.


Chautauqua County

Town of Chautauqua

Town of Chautauqua Sewer District North Extension project


Chautauqua Lake is designated as a NYSDEC impaired water body. NYSDEC has strongly recommended to extend municipal sanitary sewers along all lakeside areas to improve water quality. The extension of sewers will help protect and improve the water quality in Chautauqua Lake and surrounding water resources, protect nearby groundwater well sources, and eliminate a significant number of failing or inadequate lakeside septic systems.



Town of Cheektowaga

Municipal Pool Rehabilitation


The Town of Cheektowaga requests $1,383,000 to demolish the outdated full-sized pools at both the Maryvale Town Park and Dingens Town Park, and construct a spray pool in its place at each town park.


Chemung County

Chemung County

Chemung County Sewer District WWTP Consolidation Project


Requested funds will be spent on capital improvements to consolidate Chemung County’s two wastewater treatment plants, Milton Street and Lake Street, into a single, regional treatment facility located at the Milton Street site in order to meet upcoming state and federal nutrient requirements per the Chesapeake Bay Program.



Village of Greene

Village of Greene Water System Improvements


Deficiencies in the Village of Greene water system have caused constant maintenance issues and are a barrier to business growth and job creation/retention in the Village. The proposed Village of Greene water system improvements are needed due to the existing water distribution system being over 100 years old and the increased occurrence of corrosion, and tuberculation.



City of Norwich

City of Norwich Water Main Replacement


The City of Norwich will use the requested funds to replace 5,760 linear feet of the water main distribution line on South Broad Street, and 640 linear feet of the water main distribution line on East Main Street, including appurtenances and services in project area.


City of Albany

City of Albany

City of Albany Corning Preserve North and South Pond Improvements


The pond edges will be enhanced and the pond depth will be increased.


City of Cortland

City of Cortland

Home Avenue Gateway Project


The Homer Avenue Gateway project will provide modernized water, sewer, stormwater and utility infrastructure to service residents, private sector businesses, schools and medical facilities that are currently underserved by end-of-life infrastructure and size capacity issues.


City of Glen Cove

City of Glen Cove

Replacement of Leech Circle Elevated Water Tank


This project would abandon the current 250,000-gallon storage tank and replace it with a new 1-million-gallon storage tank to be located across the street on Leech Circle. This increase in storage would allow the City to increase system pressure, ensure an adequate supply during peak usage (summer), and give the City better fire-fighting resources.


City of Niagara Falls

City of Niagara Falls

City of Niagara Falls – Centennial Park Project


The city is requesting 2 million dollars from its federal representatives to begin phase-1 of the centennial park project. The money will cover the necessary studies such as environmental impact, feasibility, landscaping, architecture, and leveling.


Monroe County

City of Rochester

Genesee Valley Pump Station & Force Main Project


This project is necessary in order to expand URMC’s Emergency Department and Inpatient Tower expansion. The sewer system is currently at capacity and cannot support the additional wastewater expected to be generated by URMC’s expansion


Clinton County

Town of Schuyler Falls

Morrisonville Water District Improvements


Deficiencies in the water system in the Morrisonville Water District have caused constant maintenance issues and are a barrier to business growth and job creation/retention in the Town. Pockets of poverty exist throughout the Town, the key to job creation to lift residents out of poverty includes infrastructure to support new and expanding businesses and industries. The Town of Schuyler Falls Comprehensive Plan identified water infrastructure as an issue that must be remedied in order to realize economic development goals.


Genesee County

Genesee County

Genesee County Water Security and Resiliency North Water Storage Tank


The County has an annual budget for maintenance, water user fees to pay for the water used, and other grant funds are being pursued for these improvements.



Livingston County

Restoration and Expansion of Interpretive Center for Al Lorenz Park


Federal funding for a renovated and expanded interpretive center at Al Lorenz Park is critical considering the current physical state of the building.


Glen Cove

City of Glen Cove

Installation of Packed Tower Aeration System at Duck Pond Road Well Station


The City seeks a new, permanent Packed Tower Aeration System (PTAS) and backup generator to keep three critical water wells in service and to remove harmful contaminates from the City’s drinking water.


Livingston County

Livingston County Water & Sewer Authority

Cybersecurity and Communications Improvement Project


The Livingston County Water and Sewer Authority has recognized cyber security as a priority and has identified a total project cost of $2,000,000 to make the needed improvements to the Cybersecurity and SCADA system that will provide the needed real time monitoring of our water and wastewater utilities, while providing the continuous cyber security needs to protect our assets on a 24/7 basis.


Monroe County

The Monroe County Water Authority (MCWA)

Lead Service Remediation for Monroe County, NY


Funding is requested to proactively begin identifying households that may have lead service connections and identify communities where replacement of lead service lines can be undertaken in compliance with the EPA Safe Drinking Water Act regulations.


New York

National September 11 Memorial & Museum

9/11 Memorial Nameplate & Memorial Pool Preservation


This project funding will be used to make critical repairs to the Memorial Pool nameplate system, which ensures that the nameplates dedicated to the victims of 9/11 do not freeze and damage in the winter or get too hot in the summer. This project will also replace the chemical feed pipe which will protect operations at the Memorial pools, prevent flooding, and algae growth in the Memorial pools.


New York

National Parks of New York Harbor Conservancy

New Day at Federal Hall: Preserving and Presenting America’s Rich and Diverse History


The request is for the purchase of 6-10 museum and preservation quality display cases that will protect items from Federal Hall’s collection as well as visiting documents and artifacts from other collections which we are poised and intend to acquire.


New York

National September 11 Memorial & Museum

9/11 Memorial Plaza Tree Replacement


The 9/11 Memorial has identified 28 trees that have become infected with anon-curable virus; 3 of these 28 trees are in declining condition and require replacement in order to maintain the intended design aesthetic of the Memorial plaza. These costs are for the trees’ procurement, transportation to the site, removal of the sick trees, and installation of new trees including a crane.


New York

The Carnegie Hall Corporation

Carnegie Hall’s Historic Façade Restoration


Carnegie Hall’s landmark façade requires extensive and immediate restoration, both to preserve this iconic building and to protect the public.


New York

Casa Belvedere, The Italian Cultural Foundation

Saving a NY Majestic Landmark


Saving a NY Majestic Landmark adapts the formerly dilapidated vacant property as a cultural institution that is embraced by the general public as a must-see tourism destination.


New York

Hudson River Park Trust

Hudson River Park Urban Forest Health Project


This project will advance additional goals of the NYS Forest Action Plan by assessing the health of this urban forest, bringing in trained arborists to evaluate the trees, looking for signs of pests and disease, performing immediate care and making recommendations for future corrective actions.


Niagara County

Old Fort Niagara Association

Old Fort Niagara Native American Dwelling Project


This project proposes to reconstruct a hewn log house representing a dwelling that housed Native people during the 18th century. This dwelling would serve as a venue and focal point for the historic site’s Native interpretation program that shares Native American history and material culture.


Niagara County

Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper

Gill Creek, Niagara Falls – Hyde Park


The goals for this Phase 3 living shoreline project will expand the impact of the previous projects implemented in this waterbody already. This typically includes modifying shoreline contours to create a gradual transition between the land and water and support robust native shoreline plant communities which include aquatic, emergent, and riparian plant species.


Niagara County

Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper   

Gill Creek, Niagara Falls – Hyde Park   


The goals for this Phase 3 living shoreline project will expand the impact of the previous projects implemented in this waterbody already. This typically includes modifying shoreline contours to create a gradual transition between the land and water and support robust native shoreline plant communities which include aquatic, emergent, and riparian plant species.


Town of North Hempstead

Harbor Links Stormwater-Greywater Recycling & Water Conservation System  


The Harbor Links Golf Course Gray Water Management project will critically reduce the Harbor Links Golf Course’s dependence on municipal water supplies.


Onondaga County

Onondaga Historical Association          

Renovation of Building Infrastructure To Protect Women’s Suffrage and Black Abolitionist Collections  


The collections in Onondaga Historical Association’s building that are dedicated to women suffragists, black abolitionists, and indigenous people, are nationally acclaimed, of vital historical importance, and, due to building infrastructure deterioration, are at risk of total loss. The funds for this project are necessary to renovate portions of the building to upgrade its infrastructure and collection storage spaces to improve the long-term preservation and protection of the museum’s collections.


City of Syracuse         

Public Water Intake Extension 


This project will extend the City of Syracuse #2 public drinking water intake pipe in Skaneateles Lake to deeper water. The investment will help prevent the need to construct water treatment facilities for the City and the villages of Skaneateles, Jordan, and Elbridge at the cost of several hundred million dollars to state and local government.


Ontario County

Smith Center for the Arts

Improvements to the Historic Smith Opera House         


This project will improve the accessibility and sustainability of this historic structure while preserving its beauty. The Smith Opera House is an active performing arts center, bringing events of every genre to a small city, delighting visitors as well as residents. This funding will allow the organization to continue its mission to maintain an historic building with a professional staff while providing a gathering space where the public is entertained and educated.


Town of Naples          

Naples Memorial Town Hall    


A slate roof and high-quality dome repairs are being sought to ensure long-term viability and prudent use of funding.  The addition of an elevator and stairwell are being sought to bring the Memorial Town Hall into use both locally and for the thousands of visitors to our tourism-based community.  The building will be ADA compliant and provide for inclusive access to the public. 


Ontario County

Granger Homestead Society, Inc.

1860 Basement Kitchen Restoration Project


Funds will be used for capital improvements and repairs to the Federal mansion’s basement and the installation of a new 1860 Basement Kitchen Exhibit.


Village of Woodbury

Trout Brook Well Field – Water Supply Exploration and Assessment      


The Village of Woodbury is requesting funding for the installation of a new water supply test well in Trout Brook Field. The scope of work includes a water supply exploration, the installation of a sand and gravel water supply test well, and the conducting of a water supply assessment for the new well.


Village of Medina

Village of Medina Sanitary Sewer System Improvements


The proposed Medina Sanitary Sewer System improvements project would include the rehabilitation or replacement of five sanitary sewer pump stations including upgrades to critical assets such as the pumps, instrumentation, electrical/controls, and valves.


Oswego County          

Oswego County Courthouse Restoration and Rehabilitation       


Providing service to our residents for more than two centuries, this building has remarkably survived the test of time and is now in need of funding support for necessary restorations. It is considered the longest lasting public building still in its original use.


City of Fulton 

City of Fulton Oswego River Bank Stabilization at Davis-Standard Waterfront   


Requested funds will be used to stabilize and restore 1,300 linear feet of Oswego River embankment along the Davis-Standard industrial waterfront using rip-rap armoring and riparian buffer strip to reinforce and widen the waterfront shipping/receiving paved access roadways, currently inaccessible due to substantial embankment erosion and loss of pavement.


City of Rochester

George Eastman Museum        

George Eastman Museum- Transforming Our Visitors’ Experience Phase II- New Mansion Galleries


Funds will be used to renovate over 3,600 square feet of unrestored space in the historic mansion to create galleries dedicated to George Eastman and to photographic and cinematographic technology, and to improve accessibility.  These galleries will attract and serve a diverse audience—particularly those interested in history, photography, cinema, or technology—in meaningful ways that respond to their quest for knowledge and engagement.


Village of New Square

Village of New Square Drainage and Flood Mitigation Improvement Project


Federal Funds are being requested to make improvements in the following drainage areas: Area 1, the northwest sector of the Village that generally results in runoff that converges to Clinton Lane and downstream to Washington Avenue; Area 2, the south central sector located downstream of Area 1, collects and conveys stormwater to the Village’s main outfall channel, the North Branch of The Pascack Brook; Area 3, the southwest sector, collects runoff that discharges to the North Branch of The Pascack Brook; and Area 4, the eastern sector which receives significant runoff from the Palisades Parkway drainage system as well as half of the Villages runoff and generally results in confluences of runoff in areas such as Jefferson, Garfield and Truman Avenue that ultimately outlet to drainage channels that in turn outlet to North Branch of The Pascack Brook.


Village of Scottsville   

Scottsville National Historic District trail connection     


Scottsville needs to reestablish the previous built trail connection between the Genesee Valley Greenway State Park and the National Register Historic District in the Village. This connection is a vital component of our local contribution to the collective effort of the Genesee Valley Trail Towns Initiative.


Town of Seneca Falls

Seneca Falls Bayard Street Culvert Project


The existing Bayard Street culvert is a submerged culvert that is need of repair and is a risk for our community. This is a very old stormwater culvert that was constructed, creating Van Cleef Lake, the culvert became submerged and increasingly difficult to inspect and maintain. The culvert is failing and the Town does not have the funds to make this repair and are pursuing federal funds to get this project fixed. This has resulted in the road being closed off and on due to this issue and problems of the inspections and repair.


Town of Potsdam

Court Roof


The funding request will support the Town of Potsdam courthouse roof replacement. The scope of work will include the removal of the existing built up roof system and replacement with a new fully adhered EPDM roof system.  The new roof system will include a vapor barrier, code compliant insulation, cover board, EPDM roof membrane, new flashing, a 30 year warranty and will protect the existing building from leaks while also improving energy efficiency by increasing the R-value of the roof assembly. 


St. Lawrence County 

Society of the United Helpers   

United Helpers – The St. Lawrence River Connection to Saving United Helpers in Northern New York    


UH seeks to save our organization by developing a beautiful, 26-acre land parcel that we own on the St. Lawrence River. The initial phase necessitates establishing water and sewer connections underneath State Route 37 from the City of Ogdensburg’s existing infrastructure. Our land is located north of State Highway 68, east of the State Highway 37 intersection southwest of the City of Ogdensburg. The City is in agreement to move forward with the connections.



Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

The Global Freshwater Institute: Leading Technologically-Enabled Freshwater Research and Management          


Funds will be used to purchase laboratory and field deployable instruments to detect, characterize, and forecast issues such as harmful algal blooms (HABs), changes in water chemistry and contaminants, and other critical challenges in water quality and aquatic habitats. The research instruments will rapidly expand the capacity and intellectual footprint of the Global Freshwater Institute, including the ability to perform genomic analyses on HABs, characterize environmental conditions in real time using advanced sensors, and test novel technological solutions to management challenges throughout New York State.


City of Hornell

Hornell Water Transmission Main Repair         


The installation of new sections of pipeline below the stream as this method minimizes impacts and fill in the stream, and reduces the potential for local environmental harm including flooding.


City of Hornell

Crosby Street Reconstruction Project    


The existing water main and drainage system are over 50 years old and need continual maintenance, which results in damage to the road’s pavement. The water main is also undersized based on current standards and needs replacement to provide the necessary fire flow demand. Damage to the road’s pavement can create safety concerns for drivers, and possibly road closures. 


Incorporated Village of Patchogue     

FY23 Patchogue Residential Sewer Lines


Federal Funds will be used to connect 231 un-sewered residential properties to the Village of Patchogue Waste Water Treatment Plant. 


Town of Southampton

Riverside Sewer System


The Town of Southampton will construct sanitary infrastructure and a centralized sanitary treatment facility to service the entire hamlet of Riverside, which is by many measures the single most economically disadvantaged community on all of Long Island, NY. The total anticipated sanitary wastewater flow from the project area is 800,000 gallons per day, and the sewage treatment plant is to be phased in 400,000 gallon increments; this request encompasses the cost of construction of the collection and conveyance infrastructure and Phase 1 Development of the Sewage Treatment Plant.


Suffolk County

Friends of Science East, Inc. d/b/a Tesla Science           

Nikola Tesla’s Laboratory


We are requesting $1,000,000 towards the estimated $4,000,0000 for the interior stabilization and restoration of the building designed by McKim, Mead, & White where Nikola Tesla worked

from 1902 and 1906. The laboratory is currently deteriorating due to significant water infiltration through the roof and is threatened by the potential collapse of adjacent non-contributing warehouse structures.


Town of Brookhaven 

Bellport-North Bellport Sewer Hook-ups


This project provides sewer hook-ups in conjunction with sewer connections/upgrades contemplated to be made by Suffolk County.


City of Syracuse         

Eastwood Sedgwick Sewer Improvements        


This project, which is eligible for SRF funding regarding clean water/waste water, would reduce/eliminate combined sewer overflows to the waters on NY State, and reduce/eliminate sewer backups in residential properties.


Town of Ticonderoga 

Route 74 Neighborhood Corridor Water Source Distribution      


Environmentally and geographically, the homes cannot support individual wells in all locations, as there is ledge rock, small lots, waterways, wetlands, and proximity to existing septic systems. Federal Funding is required to provide residents with safe drinking water access and affordable drinking water.


Village of Cayuga Heights      

Village of Cayuga Heights Waste Water Treament Plant Upgrades         


In 2016, NYSDEC inspections noted several deficiencies in the Village of Cayuga Heights wastewater treatment plant, owned and operated by the Village. The Village has undertaken necessary upgrades to the facility in a phased approach to modernize the plant and bring the facility into compliance.


Village of Cayuga Heights

Lead Service Line Replacement and Investigation Project


The funding requested is to implement the requirements of the Federal National Primary Drinking Water Regulations. 20 homes have been identified with lead drinking water supply lines and 227 have been identified where the pipe materials are unknown, despite an exhaustive search of records dating back to the early 20th century. The project proposes to remove and replace the 20 knowns and investigate the 227 unknowns, which must be assumed to be lead until investigations reveal otherwise. Once the investigations are complete, the village will engage a civil engineering firm to develop both documents for the 20 known replacements and a plan for the removal and replacement of the pipes for homes found to be supplied water from lead service lines.


Town of Amherst       

Town of Amherst for Royal Park Facility Improvements


The mutually agreed upon concept plan highlights the development of a Synthetic Turf Multi-Use Field with a Digital Scoreboard and Field Lighting. The new turf field will be used for multiple sports including soccer and lacrosse.


Town of Brookhaven

Suffolk County Water Authority Calverton Connection Project (South River Road)


Suffolk County Water Authority proposes to extend 21,000 linear feet of water main along Mill Road in Manorville to areas in the vicinity of South River Road in Calverton, Town of Brookhaven. This project would give 98 homes on private wells in a DEC Potential Environmental Justice Area access to public water. Many of these homes are within a Suffolk County Department of Health Services Survey area that has detected PFAS levels above the maximum contaminant level.


Town of Clymer

Town of Clymer Water System Improvements


The project is a drinking water system improvement project located in the Town of Clymer, Chautauqua County, New York.  The Town’s drinking water system consists of an antiquated welded steel water storage tank and a distribution system that consist of primarily asbestos cement piping. The storage tank and water main are experiencing age-related deterioration and asbestos piping is hazardous to human health (as noted by the Health Department). The goal of this project is to construct improvements to the drinking water system, largely including the installation of a new water storage tank and the replacement of several miles of water main.


Town of Evans

Shoreline Restoration at Lake Erie Beach Park (Evans, NY)      


The proposed Shoreline Restoration Project at Lake Erie Beach Park will involve constructing a combination of both hard-armoring and nature-based shoreline management solutions along 900 feet of beachfront, as well as in the immediate upstream areas along Muddy Creek, which traverses the park and surrounding low-income neighborhood. The overarching goals of the project are to reduce shoreline and streambank erosion, improve water quality, restore natural habitats, mitigate upstream flooding, and to enhance public access and enjoyment of the waterfront. 


Town of Friendship

Town of Friendship Water System Improvement Project


The proposed project will provide drinking water system improvements in the Town of Friendship. These improvements will include the construction of new water storage tanks and the replacement of various sections of antiquated water main. The upgraded water system will provide increased fire flows and more reliable drinking water supply to Town of Friendship residents and nearby partners.


Town of Geddes

Dwight Business Park Green Infrastructure Retrofit Project


The Town of Geddes plans to retrofit a portion of infrastructure in the area of Dwight Business Park (adjacent to parkland along Onondaga Lake) through the utilization of sustainable Green Infrastructure practices. The goal of the Dwight Business Park Green Infrastructure Retrofit Project is to mitigate discharges from developed land and reduce non-point source contamination of Onondaga Lake, the Seneca River, and the New York State Canal system as a component of ongoing efforts to restore Onondaga Lake. The project will be accomplished in a three-phased approach. This funding request will support Phase 1.


Town of Hamburg

Hamburg Mount Vernon Community Sewer Improvement Project         


The proposed Hamburg Mount Vernon Community Sewer Improvement Project will implement the recommendations from the study to eliminate the existing sanitary sewer overflows and the subsequent public exposure to raw sewage.


Town of Montgomery

Town of Montgomery Bruderhoff Well 


The Town must construct a proper wellhouse to ensure the integrity of the well itself, while also establishing the means by which it can be regularly monitored. Water production rates at the pumping well will be monitored on a regular schedule, yielding information regarding well efficiency and potential declines in yield. Additionally, a groundwater level monitoring program will be instituted at the well field to provide data regarding the hydraulic impact of production. Groundwater levels will be measured at the pumping well on a weekly basis, and the monitoring well on a quarterly basis. A database of water levels and production rates will be established and maintained in order to best address routine reviews and evaluations. This will allow relevant staff to monitor performance of the well and proactively determine its maintenance needs, as well as defining the actual radius of influence surrounding the pumping well.


Town of Moreau        

Town of Moreau Rt. 9 Connection to County Sewer System      


Preliminary engineering for this project has been completed and the Town has secured significant funding in order to initiate implementation of Phase II in order to connect the sewer extension to the County collection and treatment system.


Town of North Hempstead

Stepping Stones Lighthouse Rehabilitation


Built in Second Empire-style red brick in 1877, the historic Stepping Stones Lighthouse guards the approach to New York City’s East River and harkens back to the golden age of American shipbuilding and maritime commerce. Modernized in 1944, the lighthouse remains a vital aid to navigation today. But over the years, the iconic landmark has fallen into disrepair. The Town of North Hempstead is committed to halting the deterioration of the historically and culturally significant lighthouse and stabilizing its structure.


Town of Owasco

Town of Owasco Sanitary Sewer System Improvement Project


Improvements proposed under the initial phase of this project aim to replace antiquated sanitary collection system infrastructure, provide sewer separation through the construction of a new storm sewer, replace antiquated water main, and reconstruct roadways complete with sidewalks along three streets in avenues area of the Town of Owasco. Completion of this project will improve water quality by reducing sewer overflows, extend the life of replaced infrastructure by 75 to 100 years, improve drainage in the project area, and provide sidewalks for safe pedestrian transportation.


Town of Pawling

Town of Pawling Rt 22 Sanitary Sewer Expansion Project


The Town of Pawling seeks to construct an urgently needed Septic Tank Effluent Pump System (STEP) sanitary sewer system serving proposed Sewer District # 4 along the Route 22 corridor. There is currently no municipal / public sanitary sewer service. New service connections will be installed to a newly constructed STEP sanitary sewer 4” forcemain along NYS Route 22, beginning south of the Village of Pawling and extending to the Town of Pawling boundary with Patterson. Improvements will also be made to the Castagna pump station to support the additional flow generated by the new connections to the newly extended forcemain.


Town of Poestenkill

Poestenkill Water District #2 -Response to Elevated PFAS Levels in the Well Water Supply       


The Town of Poestenkill is requesting Federal funding to support an expansion of its municipal water supply system to include the Algonquin Middle School and its surrounding neighborhoods. Testing of the drinking water conducted in 2021 at the Middle School and in homes in the surrounding area found levels of PFOA and PFAS exceeding New York State guidelines. Phase I of the proposed extension (Water District #2) will address the immediate need to protect the health and safety of more than 670 students, school staff and hundreds of residents in the surrounding area. Installation of a public water supply completely eliminates the need to rely on individual wells and individual PFOA/S treatment systems that must be constantly maintained to ensure performance.


Town of Poughkeepsie

Town of Poughkeepsie- Hudson Heritage Sewer District


The project involves the design and construction of the Hudson Heritage Sewer System, a municipally-owned waste water collections system to be built on the former (abandoned) Hudson River State Psychiatric Hospital in the Town of Poughkeepsie, NY. The urgency of the request is being driven by the need to replace the failing sewer at the site.


Town of Randolph

Town of Randolph Sanitary Sewer System Improvements


The existing WWTF does not provide effluent disinfection, and therefore an additional new unit process will be required to meet the new permit limits. The Town is in the preliminary design stage of a project that will upgrade the WWTF, add effluent disinfection, and replace various antiquated assets.


Town of Webb

Town of Webb, NY Wastewater Treatment Facility Infrastructure Improvements


Town of Webb’s wastewater treatment facility and collection system, located at 117 Pullman Ave, in Old Forge, New York requires improvements.  This project includes replacements, modifications and additions, headworks and pumping improvements and several sewer line replacements, including gas detection equipment. 


Town of Whitestown  

Town of Whitestown – Buy-out of Repetitive Flood Loss Properties


This project is part of the much greater Sauquoit Creek Channel & Floodplain Restoration Program. Since its inception in 2016, the program, an on-going effort to determine and implement the improvements needed to alleviate historical flooding along the Sauquoit Creek in Whitestown, has evolved into the largest program of its kind in New York State.


Village of Cuba

Village of Cuba Water System Improvements


The proposed water system improvement project will provide several critical upgrades to the existing water system including rehabilitation of water treatment infrastructure, water storage tank upgrades, water main replacement, security and control upgrades, and various other improvements to meet current health standards and address system deficiencies.


Village of Greenwich 

Village of Greenwich Waste Water Treatment Plant      


The existing facility serves a key role in protecting the environment and ensuring clean water.  While it continues to function and we have not had any operational violations, the existing facility is at the end of its useful life and is in an advanced state of deterioration, and a catastrophic failure is a genuine concern. 


Village of Millerton    

Millerton Community Park Improvements


The implementation of sustainable technologies for Millerton Community Park’s stormwater management is Phase 2 of the park’s improvement. 


Village of Oneida Castle

Oneida Castle Sanitary Sewer Project


The requested funds will be used to provide additional funding towards the construction of approximately 22,000 linear feet of gravity sewer main, 7,000 linear feet of gravity sewer laterals, 1,100 linear feet of pressure sewer main, 2,500 feet of sanitary force main, and one wastewater pumping station


Village of Otego

Village of Otego Water Supply and Transmission Improvement Project  


The Village of Otego provides water service to its 1010 residents and businesses inside the Village boundary and an additional 7 users outside of the northern Village boundary on Otsdawa Road in the Town of Otego.  In order to maintain the service provided by the water system, improvements are required to correct current deficiencies and continue reliable service in the future.


Village of South Dayton         

Village of South Dayton Sanitary Sewer System Improvements 


This proposed Village project will provide significant upgrades to the South Dayton Village Wastewater Treatment Plant, including the state mandated addition of effluent disinfection, and provide various collection system upgrades focused on inflow/infiltration reduction.


Village of Waterloo

Village of Waterloo Rock Storm Sewers – Creating Resiliency


This project will involve the construction of new storm sewers to replace the storm rock sewers and reduce flooding to residents and businesses. Any current lateral connections to the rock storm will be connected to the new construction. As the project is designed, drainage issues will be addressed and the sewers will be sized to adequately handle storm events in excess of a “25-year” storm event.


Village of Wurtsboro

Village of Wurtsboro Sullivan Street Water System Improvements         


Based upon the recently completed engineering report, the improvements needed to the water system are many and include upgrades to the water supply and treatment system, distribution system, and water storage tanks.  The Village’s highest priority is to replace as much of the old cast iron water mains as possible. Water main breaks are a constant problem given the age and fragility of the pipes. Residents served by the existing system remain concerned about the reliability of the water supply and system pressures. The average daily demand, in the specific area, is 190,000 gallons. As the water system rapidly continues to age, this project has escalated in priority. Without the planned improvements, there is no guarantee the Village can continue to meet the daily demand.


Washington County

Village of Cambridge

Village of Cambridge Wastewater Improvements


The successful completion of this project will revitalize and modernize essential infrastructure in this distressed community and represents an investment for long-term community and economic impact.


Westchester County   

Lyndhurst Mansion

Structural Stabilization & Repair of Historic Greenhouse


Lyndhurst seeks federal funding to stabilize and repair its 141-year-old greenhouse which is dangerously comprised by its crumbling foundation. The unstable foundation poses a serious safety risk to visitors & staff and threatens the very existence of the massive, historic structure.