Military Justice Improvement Act: Excluded Crimes

Military Justice Improvement Act: List of Excluded Offenses in Section 2(A)(2)

Offenses That Remain Within The Chain of Command

83 fraudulent enlistment

84 effecting unlawful enlistment, appointment, separation

85 desertion

86 absent without leave

87 missing movement

88 contempt towards officials

89 disrespect toward superior commissioned officer

90 assaulting, willfully disobeying superior commissioned officer

91 insubordinate conduct toward warrant, noncommissioned, petty officer

92 failure to obey order or regulation

94 mutiny and sedition

95 resisting apprehension, flight, breach of arrest, escape

96 releasing a prisoner without proper authority

97 unlawful detention

98 noncompliance with procedural rules

99 misbehavior before enemy

100 subordinate compelling surrender

101 improper use of countersign

102 forcing safeguard

103 captured, abandoned property

104 aiding the enemy

105 misconduct as prisoner

106a espionage

107 false official statements

108 military property; loss, damage, destruction, disposition

109 property other than military property of US; waste, spoilage, or destruction

110 improper hazarding of vessel

111 drunk or reckless operation of vehicle, aircraft, or vessel

112 wrongful use, possession, manufacture or introduction of controlled substance

113 misbehavior of sentinel or lookout

114 dueling

115 malingering

116 riot

117 provoking, speech, gestures

133 conduct unbecoming an officer

134 general article

Key Facts and Info

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List of Excluded Offenses

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