Press Release

As Families Prepare For Holiday Travel, Senator Gillibrand Announces That Following Her Push, Airlines Must Now Allow Parents Traveling With Children To Check Strollers Of All Sizes At Gates

Nov 19, 2018

Washington, DC – As families prepare for holiday travel, U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand today announced that following her push, parents traveling with children are now able to their check strollers at airline gates, regardless of size. Some airlines had previously placed size and weight restrictions on gate-checked strollers. These restrictions resulted in instances where gate agents denied parents with strollers the ability to check their strollers at the gate, when they have already made it through security and their flight is about to take off. When this happens, they have no other option but to leave their stroller behind or risk missing their flight. Gillibrand’s provision requires that airlines only impose size and weight restrictions for gate-checked strollers if they are necessary for safety or security.

“Navigating airports with children is hectic enough, and having the ability to check strollers at the gate is essential for many families who are travelling with young children,” said Senator Gillibrand. “That’s why I introduced this provision to allow parents to check strollers of all sizes at airline gates, preventing airports from leaving families stranded without their stroller or struggling to get to their destination on time. I’m proud that this was passed as a part of the FAA Reauthorization bill, just in time to make the holiday travel experience that much easier for families all across the country.”

Gillibrand’s provision requiring commercial airlines to gate-check strollers of all sizes was included in the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Reauthorization bill. This legislation reauthorizes the FAA at current funding levels for five years and, along with Senator Gillibrand’s provision, also includes provisions to help address excessive airplane noise, implement stronger consumer protections, and make workplace and safety reforms in the aviation industry.