Press Release

At Tioga Elementary School, Senator Gillibrand Urges Senate To Reject Trump Administration’s Cuts To SNAP Benefits For New York Families

Jun 23, 2017

Tioga Center, NY U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, a member of the Senate Agriculture Committee, today visited Tioga Elementary School to urge the Senate to reject the Trump Administration’s budget proposal to cut SNAP benefits and funding to critical nutrition and nutrition education programs for low-income families. The Trump Administration’s proposed budget would cut SNAP funding by $193 billion over 10 years, even though 12 percent of all Tioga County residents rely on SNAP for their meals. It would also cut School Meals Equipment Grants, the Child Nutrition Studies and Evaluation, and the Team Nutrition Initiative.

“When Congress talks about destroying the SNAP program, they are completely ignoring the three million New Yorkers who rely on SNAP for their meals and would absolutely suffer if these funds were cut,” said Senator Gillibrand, a member of the Senate Agriculture Committee. “I continue to be shocked by how little empathy some of my colleagues seem to have for hardworking families in the Southern Tier who do everything they possibly can to succeed, but still need the SNAP program in order to survive. Poverty is not a choice. These New Yorkers work, but their wages are just too low, and so they need SNAP to fill in the gaps. I will continue to fight in the Senate to protect SNAP funding, and I encourage everyone in the Southern Tier to raise their voices and join me in this fight.”

“Schools play an important role in the fight to make sure that no child goes hungry and that the foods we serve promote good health. Child Nutrition Programs are infused with locally grown foods through Farm to School programs,” said Nancy Eckstorm, Retired Food Service Director. “Here at Tioga Central School District we are taking another important step by bringing Agriculture Education into the classroom. We plan to get back to our roots and teach kids where their food comes from and empower then to grow their own food as well as open the door to opportunities in the field of agriculture. We believe that this will good for the health and wellbeing of our community.”

“Tioga Central is pleased to host Senator Gillibrand. What we are starting at Tioga Central is important in providing our students the means necessary to make healthy food choices as well as the tools to provide for themselves and their community a sustainable food source through agriculture education. We believe there is an opportunity not only to meet those local needs, but also to educate our students in the many career paths available in agriculture,” said Scott Taylor, Superintendent of Tioga Central School District