Press Release

Gillibrand Announces Major 3D Printing Partnership Between SUNY New Paltz And 3D Systems

Oct 1, 2014

Washington, DC – Following the recent awarding of a 10-million-dollar New York State investment in SUNY New Paltz’s Engineering Innovation Hub, U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand today announced that the college will be partnering with 3D Systems, one of the world’s leading 3D printing companies, in an initiative to promote the development and use of 3D printing in New York State.

Senator Gillibrand spearheaded the effort to link 3D Systems with SUNY New Paltz as partners in their Hudson Valley 3D Printing (HV3D) initiative. The company has agreed to support ongoing training, provide internship funding, and offer curriculum support to the university.

“This partnership is an exciting addition to the Advanced Manufacturing Center at SUNY New Paltz,” said Senator Gillibrand. “3D printing is going to play a key role in 21st-century manufacturing, and this initiative is continuing to increase its industry partnerships, which will further expand training and business opportunities for New York’s students and entrepreneurs. New York State has a rich and storied manufacturing tradition, and it is fitting that a major manufacturing initiative like this should happen here.”

“Our 3D printing initiative is providing students with exciting learning opportunities, and our Hudson Valley Advanced Manufacturing Center has quickly become the premier regional hub in the Hudson Valley for educational and manufacturing use of this expanding technology,” said SUNY New Paltz President Donald P. Christian. “The Center has completed numerous projects for companies throughout the Hudson Valley and inquiries from business and industry continue to grow rapidly. The partnership with 3D Systems Corporation, a recognized leader in its field, allows us to bring our initiative to new heights with the best, state-of-the-art 3D printers available.  We are deeply grateful to Senator Gillibrand whose concerted efforts made this collaboration possible.  This is an exciting public-private partnership, and we thank the Senator and her staff for their assistance in bringing SUNY New Paltz and 3D Systems together.”

“We are thrilled to support Sen. Gillibrand’s initiative with advanced 3D printing tools and resources that can provide New York students with tomorrow’s advanced manufacturing jobs,” said Avi Reichental, President and CEO of 3D Systems. “3D printing can transform the competitive landscape of a region by enabling hyper-local, sustainable manufacturing and innovative new products and services. By introducing its students to 3D printing today, New York is positioning itself to lead in tomorrow’s economy.”

“This is exactly the kind of partnership that Sean Eldridge and Hudson River Ventures envisioned when we partnered with SUNY New Paltz, Central Hudson and HV3D to create the Hudson Valley Advanced Manufacturing Center, “ said Mike Oates, CEO of Hudson River Ventures. “3D Printing is helping to change manufacturing and will create more and more job opportunities right here at home.  From medical devices to product prototypes to 3D Printed houses, the Hudson Valley Advanced Manufacturing Center will continue be at the forefront of innovation.  We appreciate Senator Gillibrand’s support and assistance in making this new partnership a reality.”

“Like 3D printing, HVEDC’s HV3D initiative is building a new economic model layer-upon-layer for the Hudson Valley by exploiting exciting new technologies and infusing them with academic expertise and entrepreneurial enthusiasm,” said Laurence Gottlieb, president & CEO of Hudson Valley Economic Development Corporation. “We applaud Senator Gillibrand for taking a leadership position on this initiative by establishing a much-needed partnership between SUNY New Paltz, HV3D and 3D Systems, a global leader in this technology. Between the SUNY 2020 announcement and this new alliance, we are now the leading hub for 3D printing in the state, if not the country.”

The Hudson Valley Economic Development Corporation and SUNY New Paltz launched the HV3D initiative in May 2013 with critical financial support from Hudson River Ventures and Central Hudson Gas & Electric. The college’s new Hudson Valley Advanced Manufacturing Center, which has emerged as a central component of this initiative, combines state-of-the-art 3D printing equipment with the campus’ academic expertise in the fine arts, computer science, technology, and engineering.

3D printing is one of the manufacturing sector’s most exciting, innovative, and rapidly growing industries – estimated to exceed $6.5 billion in global sales by 2019 – and HV3D will put New York State at the forefront of its development. 3D printing technology can cleanly and inexpensively produce products ranging from shoes to heavy machinery, and has the potential to inexpensively provide both infrastructure and daily-use items to underdeveloped communities around the world.