Press Release

Gillibrand Calls COPS Funding Fundamentally Flawed

Jul 28, 2009

Washington, D.C. – After speaking
with Deputy U.S. Attorney General David Ogden earlier this morning, U.S.
Senator Kirsten Gillibrand released the following statement on the decision by
the Justice Department to deny New York City and other urban areas in New York
State COPS Program funding from the economic recovery plan:

“As I expressed
to Deputy Attorney General Ogden this morning, the funding formula is
fundamentally flawed because it penalizes success and does not take terrorism
activity into account. Over the past year, our police force in New York
City has had to deal with at least three significant attacks – at a synagogue,
a consulate, and an army recruiting center in Times Square.

city in America faces this level of threat on a daily basis. It is
unconscionable that our federal investment program in support of police forces
does not take this threat level into account. We must reevaluate this program
and ensure funding is provided on a fairer and more strategic basis.

“Commissioner Kelly and the
entire NYPD are doing an outstanding job keeping our City safe, but we must
continue to provide the federal resources local law enforcement needs to
protect our communities from terrorist threats.”