Press Release

Gillibrand: G.I. Benefits Should Extend to Veterans Enrolled at Online Universities

Apr 23, 2009

Washington, D.C. – U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand today met with Excelsior College President John Ebersole to discuss extending G.I. benefits for veterans enrolled at online universities. Tens of thousands of veterans and current service-members are enrolled at Excelsior College. Despite the high enrollment rate of veterans, Excelsior cannot extend G.I. educational benefits to any of its students.

“Our veterans and members of the armed forces deserve the best in return for their service and sacrifice,” Senator Gillibrand said.  “Excelsior College is dedicated to providing first-rate education and professional training for those who serve. I have been committed to our veterans and pledge to work to ensure they’re able to take full advantage of their education benefits.”

Excelsior College currently serves 9,000 service-members, 2,200 veterans and 420 of their family members.  43,000 of its graduates have served in the military – with approximately 100 new veterans enrolling each month. Excelsior is also the first and largest online university to produce registered nurses. Senator Gillibrand pledged to work to level the playing field and extend education benefits included the G.I. Bill to veterans and service-members enrolled at online universities like Excelsior College.

In her meeting with Excelsior President Ebersole, Senator Gillibrand indicated her plans to pursue changes to the G.I. Bill and ensure veterans and current service-members enrolled at online universities can access the full education benefits they deserve.

As a member of the House of Representatives, Senator Gillibrand served on the Armed Services Committee. Senator Gillibrand has always been a strong voice for America’s veterans and members of the Armed Services.  In the Senate, Gillibrand is continuing that charge – standing up for those serving in the Armed Forces and their families.