Press Release

Gillibrand: Iranian Regime’s Word Cannot Be Trusted

Sep 25, 2009

– U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, member of the Senate Foreign
Relations Committee, issued the following statement after President
Barack Obama and the leaders of France and Great Britain demanded
immediate inspections of Iran’s nuclear facilities with a threat of
tougher sanctions.

sobering announcement about Iran’s nuclear program demands
unprecedented global cooperation.  All nations should follow the lead
of President Obama and our closest allies and require Iran to allow
full inspections immediately.  I’m hopeful that Russia and China will
now see that the safety of the world depends on the global community
coming together to threaten tougher sanctions should Iran ignore our

had the privilege of visiting Israel this month to meet with Prime
Minister Netanyahu and his top military and intelligence advisors to
discuss a wide range of issues, particularly the threat posed by Iran.
After these discussions, my conviction has only grown that the global
community must come together to stop Iran’s nuclear program and growing
negative influence in the region.

experts believe that Iran’s ability to launch a nuclear bomb is getting
dangerously close, and the continuation of Iran’s enrichment program
increases its ability to intimidate and influence its neighbors. In
discussions with Israeli leaders, it is clear that a nuclear Iran not
only threatens our great ally and friend in the Middle East, but could
incite a nuclear arms race in the Gulf that results in a nuclear weapon
or dirty bomb in the hands of terrorists.

“Iranian regime’s word cannot be trusted, and a nuclear Iran cannot be tolerated.”