Press Release

Gillibrand Statement On President Trump And Senate Republicans Forcing The Nominations Of Two Far-Right New York Circuit Court Judges Over Strong Objections From Both Home-State Senators

Feb 13, 2019

Washington, DC – U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand today released the following statement after President Trump and Senate Republicans ignored strong objections from both New York Senators and forced through the nominations of Michael Park and Joseph Bianco, two far-right-wing judicial nominees to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, which is in New York City. President Trump and Senate Republicans’ decision to force these nominees through the Senate, over the strong objections of both home-state Senators, violates the decades-old “Blue Slip” tradition in the Senate, in which the President and the Judiciary Committee consult with home-state Senators and avoid making judicial nominations for lifetime appointments that do not have the home-state Senators’ approval. This tradition has ensured bipartisan consultation and vetting to move forward qualified, independent, and impartial judges. This failure to honor the longstanding requirement for consultation with home-state Senators is a clear indication that Senate Republicans are moving to pack the courts with ideologically extreme judges who will work to uphold and further President Trump’s agenda.

“President Trump and Senate Republicans are stacking the courts with extremist right-wing judges who are not independent or impartial. The decision to move forward with these nominees without the support of both home-state Senators is unacceptable. As long as Senate Republicans are going to preside over a broken process, I will oppose all Circuit Court nominations. The American people deserve a judiciary that is fair and unbiased.”