Press Release

Gillibrand Statement on the 12th Anniversary of September 11th

Sep 11, 2013

Washington, D.C. – U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand released the following statement on the 12th anniversary of September 11th and urged first responders and community survivors who were exposed to toxins at Ground Zero to register for compensation through the 9-11 Victim Compensation Fund before the October 3rd deadline: 

“Today, we honor the memory of the victims of September 11th, and stand united with families and friends who lost loved ones on that horrific day twelve years ago. September 11th will always live in the hearts and minds of all Americans as a day of national tragedy and heart wrenching loss.


“Following the attack, we saw the best of America — ordinary people committing extraordinary acts of selflessness in response to something so incomprehensibly evil.  So while we honor the memory of the loved ones who never came home that tragic day, we also honor the heroic acts of thousands of first responders who rushed to Ground Zero on September 11th and in the days and weeks that followed. 


“September 11th was an attack on our nation, and after the tireless efforts of first responders, family members, and community survivors, Congress fulfilled its undeniable moral obligation by providing long-overdue health care and compensation for our 9-11 heroes. As the deadline for applying to the 9-11 Victim Compensation Fund nears its final days, it is my hope that every eligible responder and survivor participates to ensure they get the federal aid they deserve and fought so hard to obtain.”