Press Release

In Canton, Gillibrand Visits Corning’s Advanced Optics Plant That Is Leading The Way In Advanced Glass Manufacturing Used For Semiconductor Chips 

Apr 8, 2024

Today, U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand visited Corning Incorporated’s Canton Advanced Optics plant, which is paving the way for the future of semiconductor manufacturing. During the tour, Gillibrand learned about Corning’s cutting-edge innovations and how the facility is at the center of New York State’s semiconductor ecosystem. Corning makes some of the world’s purest glass and fluoride crystals, which are vital to nearly every step of the semiconductor manufacturing process.

“Corning’s Canton plant produces some of the world’s most advanced glass products and is helping New York become a global leader in chip manufacturing,” said Senator Gillibrand. “Corning will continue to foster economic opportunities for the North Country, showing the world why New York leads the way in semiconductor innovation.”

“We’re grateful for Senator Gillibrand’s advocacy of Corning’s work to strengthen the semiconductor supply chain in the United States,” said Claude Echahamian, Vice President and General Manager of Corning Advanced Optics. “Senator Gillibrand’s support on the CHIPS & Science Act has helped us continue our growth and research in New York and deliver life-changing innovations to the semiconductor industry and beyond.”

Corning is a leading innovator in glass and ceramics science. The company’s Canton plant has pioneered the production of specialized glass and advanced optics components critical to making the world’s most complex microchips.