Press Release

Schumer, Gillibrand Announce Over $397 Million In Federal Funding For Public Housing Programs Across New York State

Jun 30, 2017

U.S. Senators Charles E. Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand today announced $397,628,820 for housing authorities across New York State. The funds were allocated through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD) Public Housing Capital Fund. Schumer and Gillibrand said the funding will help housing authorities develop, finance and modernize their public housing facilities.

“Having a roof over your head is one of life’s basic necessities, so we must do everything we can to help provide those truly in need with a decent and affordable place to live. This federal funding will help support affordable housing initiatives throughout New York that assist needy families, the elderly, and persons with disabilities to find an affordable place to live,” said Senator Schumer.

“We need to invest more federal funds to help more low-income families, the elderly, and persons with disabilities in New York with access to affordable and safe housing,” said Senator Gillibrand. “These resources are vital for vulnerable communities and I will continue to do everything I can in the Senate to make sure that all New Yorkers have the opportunity to reach their full potential.”

HUD’s Office of Capital Improvement administers the Capital Fund program, which provides financial assistance in the form of grants to public housing agencies (PHAs) to carry out capital and management activities; acting as the primary tool to preserve New York’s affordable housing stock. These federal dollars are used to increase a PHA’s ability to maintain the physical infrastructure of developments and improve the safety and security of its residents. 

The following housing agencies will receive federal funding through HUD’s Capital Fund Program:

Long Island

Housing Authority of Long Beach                                                                          $518,901.00 

Freeport Housing Authority                                                                                  $435,103.00

Glen Cove Public Housing Authority                                                                      $357,783.00

Glen Cove Public Housing Authority                                                                      $37,995.00

Town of Islip Housing Authority                                                                            $373,782.00

Town of Huntington Housing Authority                                                                  $52,784.00   

Town of Huntington Housing Authority                                                                  $49,053.00  

Village of Hempstead HA                                                                                     $434,099.00

Town of Hempstead Housing Authority                                                                  $1,396,911.00

Rockville Centre HA                                                                                             $42,141.00

Village of Great Neck Housing Authority                                                                $60,279.00

TOTAL: $3,758,831.00

New York City

New York City Housing Authority                                                                $346,326,398.00   

New York City Housing Authority                                                                $234,795.00 

TOTAL:        $346,561,193.00

Capital Region

Albany Housing Authority                                                                             $2,440,679.00         

Troy Housing Authority                                                                                 $1,954,547.00          

Mechanicville Housing Authority                                                                    $188,002.00

Amsterdam Housing Authority                                                                       $370,338.00

Hudson Housing Authority                                                                            $203,974.00

Saratoga Springs Housing Authority                                                              $444,443.00

Cohoes Housing Authority                                                                             $496,594.00

Watervliet Housing Authority                                                                         $462,902.00

Schenectady Municipal Housing Authority                                                      $1,495,371.00          

Catskill Housing Authority                                                                             $127,205.00 

Rensselaer Housing Authority                                                                         $213,545.00 

Glens Falls Housing Authority                                                                         $269,436.00

Gloversville Housing Authority                                                                        $380,273.00

Hoosick Housing Authority                                                                              $36,754.00   

TOTAL: $9,084,063.00

Central New York   

Utica Housing Authority                                                                                 $1,459,871.00          

Utica Housing Authority                                                                                 $172,193.00

Herkimer Housing Authority                                                                           $203,280.00

Oneonta Housing Authority                                                                            $136,213.00 

Syracuse Housing Authority                                                                            $3,331,817.00          

Ithaca Housing Authority                                                                                $458,308.00

Cortland Housing Authority                                                                             $541,448.00 

Auburn Housing Authority                                                                               $73,996.00   

Rome Housing Authority                                                                                 $313,010.00 

Oneida Housing Authority                                                                               $171,425.00         

TOTAL:  $6,861,561.00                                                                                                                        


Elmira Housing Authority                                                                              $562,355.00

Binghamton Housing Authority                                                                      $866,481.00

Norwich Housing Authority                                                                            $133,983.00

TOTAL:        $1,562,819.00                                                                                                                  

Western New York

Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority                                                           $8,074,351.00         

Niagara Falls Housing Authority                                                                 $1,200,105.00         

Batavia Housing Authority                                                                         $227,424.00

Jamestown Housing Authority                                                                    $233,239.00

Dunkirk Housing Authority                                                                         $290,039.00

Lackawanna Municipal Housing Authority                                                    $813,148.00 

Lockport Housing Authority                                                                        $496,911.00 

Olean Housing Authority                                                                            $485,375.00 

Kenmore Municipal Housing Authority                                                         $226,700.00

TOTAL:        $12,047,292.00                                           

The North Country

Watertown Housing Authority                                                                        $979,382.00

Wilna Housing Authority                                                                               $128,458.00

Massena Housing Authority                                                                           $323,072.00

Ogdensburg Housing Authority                                                                      $483,021.00

Canton Housing Authority                                                                             $233,304.00

West Carthage Housing Authority                                                                  $67,435.00

Plattsburgh Housing Authority                                                                       $767,425.00 

Malone Housing Authority                                                                             $247,987.00

Tupper Lake Housing Authority Tupper Lake                                                   $138,700.00

Harrietstown Housing Authority Saranac Lake                                                $144,324.00

TOTAL:        $3,513,108.00

Rochester-Finger Lakes

Rochester Housing Authority                                                                          $3,569,477.00          

Geneva Housing Authority                                                                             $281,693.00

TOTAL: $3,851,170.00  


The Municipal Hsng Authority City Yonkers                                                  $3,923,851.00

Tarrytown Municipal Housing Authority                                                       $171,382.00

Port Chester Housing Authority                                                                  $502,130.00

Town of Oyster Bay Housing Authority                                                        $939,500.00

Greenburgh Housing Authority                                                                   $159,991.00 

Mount Kisco Housing Authority                                                                   $89,686.00  

White Plains Housing Authority                                                                   $1,032,830.00         

Peekskill Housing Authority                                                                        $476,315.00 

New Rochelle Housing Authority                                                                  $758,354.00 

Tuckahoe Housing Authority                                                                       $149,398.00

North Tarrytown Housing Authority                                                              $95,918.00   

TOTAL: $8,299,355.00

Hudson Valley

The City of Beacon Housing Authority                                                          $269,565.00      

Housing Authority of Newburgh                                                                   $140,373.00      

Village of Spring Valley Housing Authority                                                    $179,381.00         

Poughkeepsie Housing Authority                                                                  $607,539.00

Woodridge Housing Authority                                                                       $67,939.00     

Monticello Housing Authority                                                                        $148,172.00   

Town of Ramapo Housing Authority                                                               $182,005.00             

Kingston Housing Authority                                                                          $228,533.00    

Port Jervis Housing Authority                                                                        $83,332.00 

Ellenville Housing Authority                                                                           $85,743.00  

Village of Kiryas Joel HA    MONROE                                                               $96,846.00 

TOTAL:        $2,089,428.00