Press Release

Senator Gillibrand Announces $103 Million For Veterans & $117.7 Million For Military Construction Projects In New York

Mar 27, 2009

Washington, D.C. – New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand today announced $103 million for New York veterans and $117.7 million for military construction projects in New York State.  In addition, Senator Gillibrand announced that eligible veterans will receive $250 to help them and their families during these tough economic times. Senator Gillibrand helped secure the federal dollars in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, which was signed by President Obama last month.  New York is home to more than one million men and women who have served in the Armed Forces.

“These critical federal dollars will provide our veterans with relief during tough economic times, upgrade Veterans Affairs and military facilities, and help create good-paying jobs across New York State,” said Senator Gillibrand.  “Creating jobs in New York is my number one priority.  This funding will strengthen our economic recovery efforts and ensure the very best facilities, opportunities, and benefits for our veterans and men and women in uniform.  They and their families have sacrificed for all of us and owe them for their incredible service.”

The Veterans Administration (VA) will make a one-time payment of $250 dollars to eligible Veterans and survivors to mitigate the effects of the current economy.  VA estimates $700 million in payments will be made, with payments beginning in June 2009.  The VA will use its existing payment records to determine eligibility, so Veterans do not need to file additional paperwork.

In addition, the VA spending from the Recovery Act is focused on improving medical facilities, providing grants to assist states in constructing nursing homes, and remodeling Veterans’ care facilities. With thousands of brave men and women returning home from service in Iraq, Afghanistan, and throughout the world, it is critical that the facilities have the tools and resources needed to help current veterans as well as tackle the challenges facing newly separated personnel. New York will receive $103 million for veterans’ facilities across the state:

  • Albany – $16.6M
  • Batavia – $3.3M
  • Bath – $10.8M
  • Bronx – $12.4M
  • Buffalo – $8.2M
  • Canandaigua – $3.6M
  • Castle Point – $9.5M
  • Montrose – $6M
  • New York City – $10.5M
  • Northport – $10M
  • Rome – $1M
  • St. Albans – $3.5M
  • Syracuse – $7M

The Department of Defense spending from the Recovery Act is focused on investment in military construction projects that stimulate the economy while helping to improve the quality of life for U.S. troops and their families. In addition to facility improvements, funding will address energy efficiency and enhance important energy research programs. Facilities and projects across New York will receive $117.7 million, including $83.3 million for Ft. Drum and $19.6 million for West Point.

Senator Gillibrand is a proud supporter of President Obama’s economic recovery plan, which will save or create more than 215,000 jobs in New York State alone. The economic recovery plan will lay the foundation for future economic growth by building new transportation infrastructure, improving health care technology, investing in development of renewable energy and supporting investments in public education.

As a Member of the Armed Services Committee in the House of Representatives, Senator Gillibrand worked hard for America’s veterans and their families. She worked to improve the lives of millions of Americans currently serving and their families. In the Senate, Senator Gillibrand will continue that charge, standing up for those who serve in the Armed Forces and their families.