Press Release

Senator Gillibrand Announces More Than $500 Million in Weatherization and Energy Efficiency Grants for New York

Mar 12, 2009

Washington, D.C. – New
York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand today announced more than $500 million
for New York State in Weatherization and Energy Efficiency Grants to
help communities, businesses and families reduce harmful emissions,
decrease overall energy consumption, create jobs and drive economic
growth in the renewable energy sector.  The grants are part of the
American Reinvestment and Recovery Act, Senator Gillibrand helped pass
last month.

number one priority is creating good-paying jobs for New York and
getting our economy turned around,” Senator Gillibrand said.  “Cutting
energy costs, using energy more efficiently, and making smart
investments in renewable energy to create a sustainable, clean energy
sector here in New York, will create jobs and fuel our state’s economic
growth for the long term.”

The Weatherization and Energy
Efficiency Grant Program provides federal grants to states, counties,
local governments and tribes to reduce energy use and fossil fuel
emissions, and make crucial improvements in energy efficiency.  The
Recovery Act provided $3.2 billion nationwide to fund these efforts.

need to make sure New York gets its fair share of federal dollars,”
Senator Gillibrand continued.  “For every dollar New York families send
to Washington, we only get 79 cents in return.  We need to make sure
New York gets the funding it deserves to create the jobs we need and
strengthen our economy.”

Senator Gillibrand is a strong
supporter of President Obama’s economic recovery plan, which will save
or create more than 215,000 jobs in New York State alone.  In addition
to these investments in weatherization and renewable energy, the
economic recovery plan will lay the foundation for future economic
growth by building new transportation infrastructure, improving health
care technology, and investing in our children’s education so they’re
equipped and ready for the jobs of the future.