Press Release

Senator Gillibrand Praises Unanimous Passage of 9-11 VCF Bill out of House Judiciary Committee, Urges Congress to Move Quickly

Jun 12, 2019

Washington, DC – U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand today released the following statement after the House Judiciary Committee unanimously passed legislation to make the 9-11 Victim Compensation Fund program permanent:

“The House Judiciary Committee took an important step in passing the 9-11 VCF bill and I expect that it will pass the full House. Yesterday should be the last time our first responders have to come to Washington. As they so eloquently testified – they are sick, they are dying, and they shouldn’t have to keep coming back to Congress every five years just to receive basic decency for their sacrifice. This is all about political will and whether the Senate is willing to truly “never forget the heroes of 9-11.” Once the bill passes the House, Senator McConnell should put it on the floor for an up or down vote without any delay.”