Senator Kirsten Gillibrand Commerce, Justice, Science and Related Agencies Congressionally Directed Spending Requests for Fiscal Year 2022

Senator Gillibrand has submitted funding requests to the Senate Appropriations Committee for various state and local community projects that will benefit New Yorkers all across the state. Projects are listed in alphabetical order by location.

Under guidelines issued by the Senate Appropriations Committee, each Senator had the opportunity to submit CDS requests for their state for Fiscal Year 2022. It should be noted that only a handful of projects may actually be funded, and we cannot guarantee which those will be. Projects are restricted to a limited number of federal funding streams, and only state and local governments and eligible non-profit entities are permitted to receive funding.

In compliance with Senate Rules and Committee requirements, Senator Gillibrand has certified that she and her immediate family have no financial interest in any of the projects she has requested.

Project Location: Albany, NY
Recipient: Empire State Vertical Sensing Evaluation Regional Testbed Experiment
Amount Requested: $3,000,000
Project Purpose: This funding would support the Empire State VERTEX testbed, which will evaluate the quality and robustness of ground-based vertical profiling technology, integrate data from ground-based vertical profiling sensors into National Weather Service (NWS) real-time operations, and assess the value of persistent boundary layer-sensing technologies for improving operations and the cost-effectiveness of integrating these technologies into the national weather enterprise observing infrastructure.

Project Location: Brooklyn, NY
Recipient: EFV E.N.O.U.G.H. Anti-Violence Initiatives
Amount Requested: $750,000
Project Purpose: This funding would support Community Development and Anti-Violence initiatives for youth and the East Flatbush community

Project Location: Brooklyn, NY
Recipient: The GodSquad fighting to end gun violence
Amount Requested: $1,000,000
Project Purpose: These funds will be used to scale up and expand the existing gun violence prevention programs and services to successfully impact more lives and reduce gun violence in Central Brooklyn.

Project Location: Buffalo, NY
Recipient: A Cryo-EM Center -Supporting industry, academia, and government researchers
Amount Requested: $131,2500
Project Purpose: This funding would enhance the first phase of Upstate New York’s only Cryo-EM Center providing access to industry and academia to instrumentation able to elucidate the critical information necessary for biological material characterization, drug discovery, and design.

Project Location: College Point, NY
Recipient: Rehabilitation of College Point’s Two On-Water Platforms
Amount Requested: $261,150
Project Purpose: This funding would be used to stabilize and restore two public access on-water platforms that are in dire need of repair on Flushing Bay, NY.

Project Location: Croton-on-Hudson, NY
Recipient: Croton-on-Hudson Police Reform Technology Enhancements
Amount Requested: $260,000
Project Purpose: This funding would allow for the purchase of body cameras for each sworn officer in the department, as well as car cameras for each patrol vehicle in the department.

Project Location: Geneseo, NY
Recipient: Law Enforcement Virtual Trainer
Amount Requested: $120,000
Project Purpose: These funds would go towards procurement, training and deployment of a virtual law enforcement training simulator.

Project Location: Harrison, NY
Recipient: Town of Harrison – Emergency &Public Safety Storage Facility
Amount Requested: $175,000
Project Purpose: These funds will be used to install an emergency and public safety storage facility to address existing operational deficiencies and mitigate issues related to evidence storage to aid in successful prosecutions.

Project Location: Kingston, NY
Recipient: Samadhi Anti-Gun Violence Prevention Program
Amount Requested: $460,000
Project Purpose: This funding would be for operational expenses, primarily for hiring and training staff members. The funding would also cover administrative costs, rental of office space, advertising, promotion, computers and community events.

Project Location: Long Beach, NY
Recipient: Police Camera Integration
Amount Requested: $1,063,000
Project Purpose: This funding would support a new centralized video intelligence and surveillance platform, an expanded camera system, and a technology buildout for a centralized mission control hub.

Project Location: Long Beach, NY
Recipient: Police Data Integration Project
Amount Requested: $150,000
Project Purpose: This funding would support a new centralized analytics software program that integrates multiple in-house databases such as, but not limited to, records management, time and leave, NYS TraCs, and the parking enforcement system.

Project Location: Middletown, NY
Recipient: City of Middletown Police Department Training and Policy Development Initiative
Amount Requested: $47,000
Project Purpose: This project is designed to assist the City of Middletown Police Department in implementing procedures based upon best practices and industry standards

Project Location: New York, NY
Recipient: Compound Flood Risk Modeling
Amount Requested: $150,000
Project Purpose: This funding would support a project which involves performing integrated modeling of compound flood risks in coastal areas across New York City.

Project Location: New York, NY
Recipient: Future of Work
Amount Requested: $2,800,000
Project Purpose: This funding will help conduct a comprehensive industry study that will provide a roadmap for equitable economic development in NYC, including key economic metrics (income, poverty, education), employment, salaries and projected industry growth and positions.

Project Location: New York, NY
Recipient: Futureworks NYC – Public Health Cohort
Amount Requested: $3,000,000
Project Purpose: This funding will provide programming and resources to innovative hardware startups and manufacturers to commercialize technologies that will improve public health and increase industrial resiliency to mitigate future supply chain shocks.

Project Location: New York, NY
Recipient: Kathryn O. Greenberg Immigration Justice Clinic
Amount Requested: $500,000
Project Purpose: These funds would go towards operating the program.

Project Location: New York, NY
Recipient: NeON Arts
Amount Requested: $500,000
Project Purpose: These funds will support expenses for 25 twelve-week NeON Arts creative workshops selected by local community stakeholder groups to serve approximately 600 youth ages 16-24

Project Location: New York, NY
Recipient: NYCADAPT
Amount Requested: $1,550,000
Project Purpose: These funds would support a project to help City planners and local residents alike visualize the impacts of climate change on local communities.

Project Location: New York, NY
Recipient: OHBM Criminal Justice Initiative
Amount Requested: $4,990,700
Project Purpose: These funds would go towards stimulating the economy, directly serving the formerly incarcerated, create new jobs, support entrepreneurs, and develop new business owners with the creation of a Black Male Academy for New Business and Entrepreneurism (BMBE)

Project Location: New York, NY
Recipient: Support for Immigrant Crime Survivors
Amount Requested: $500,000
Project Purpose: These funds will be used for personnel at New York City law enforcement agencies that provide U and T visa Certifications, and operational costs to support timely processing of backlogged certification requests as well as outreach.

Project Location: New York, NY
Recipient: Understanding and Addressing Victim-Survivor Mistrust and Harm through a Reconciliation Model
Amount Requested: $606,721
Project Purpose: These funds will be used to cover operational expenses.

Project Location: Niskayuna, NY
Recipient: Town of Niskayuna Police Technology Improvement Project
Amount Requested: $135,000
Project Purpose: These funds will be used to purchase personal body cameras for police officers, equip police vehicles with car modules and dash cameras, license plate readers placed throughout the community, hardware, permits, infrastructure and storage, and training for personnel in the use of this technology.

Project Location: Oswego, NY
Recipient: Body Worn Cameras
Amount Requested: $448,480
Project Purpose: This funding would go towards the Oswego County, New York Sheriff’s Office purchase of body-worn cameras.

Project Location: Oswego, NY
Recipient: City of Oswego – Oswego Police Department & City Court Conway Building Improvements
Amount Requested: $800,000
Project Purpose: This funding would go towards updates to the Conway Building where the Oswego Police Department and City Court operate.

Project Location: Rochester, NY
Recipient: Right-Sizing the Rochester Police Department & Reshaping its Culture
Amount Requested: $500,000
Project Purpose: This funding would go towards staffing, operational expenses, and equipment to (1) lead a landmark oversight investigation into the Rochester Police Department’s culture and (2) lead a community budgeting program aimed at right-sizing the Rochester Police Department.

Project Location: Rome, NY
Recipient: SkyDome: Trusted Smart-X Experimentation Environment
Amount Requested: $200,000
Project Purpose: This funding would go towards build a reconfigurable area of interest such as a city block in a modern metropolitan area or airport creating a “living lab” that will facilitate experimenting with Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies.

Project Location: Spring Valley, NY
Recipient: Spring Valley Police IT Infrastructure Project
Amount Requested: $246,000
Project Purpose: These funds would serve to overhaul and update the department’s entire IT infrastructure to handle day-to-day operations and continue serving the public.

Project Location: Syracuse, NY
Recipient: Body Worn Cameras
Amount Requested: $140,000
Project Purpose: This funding would help fund the expansion of Body-worn cameras, allowing Syracuse Police Department to outfit an additional 14 sergeants.

Project Location: White Plains, NY
Recipient: Emergency Communications Radio System Replacement
Amount Requested: $5,000,000
Project Purpose: This funding would support capital improvements to expand the capability of the County’s interoperable emergency communications system to operate in-building, county-wide.