Press Release

Gillibrand Releases Guide to Help Faith-Based and Community Organizations Access Federal Grants

Apr 16, 2009

U.S. Senator
Kirsten Gillibrand today unveiled a new guidebook to help faith-based and
community organizations access federal grant money. Through Senator
Gillibrand’s guidebook, faith-based and community organizations can access
critical information to help them navigate the grant application process
including an overview of the grant programs, contact information, and important
deadlines. By utilizing federal grants, organizations throughout New York can
provide additional services to communities.

A copy of Senator Gillibrand’s guidebook for faith-based and community
organizations can be downloaded here /wp-content/uploads/imo/media/doc/FBCOGrantsGuide.pdf and accessed from Senator Gillibrand’s Web site:

“In these tough economic times, we must make sure New York gets its fair share
of federal dollars,” Senator Gillibrand said. “By giving our faith-based and
community organizations the resources they need to access federal grants, we’ll
strengthen our economic growth efforts, create jobs, deliver health care
services to families, and increase mentoring programs for our children. These
federal dollars will support critical services for our families and strengthen
our communities.”

Gillibrand met today with Assemblyman Keith Wright and leaders of New York’s
faith community, including Rev. Gregory Robeson Smith, Senior Pastor of the
Mother African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church in Harlem, Rev. Dr. Charles
Curtis, Senior Pastor of the Mt. Olivet Baptist Church in Harlem, Rev. Dr. A.R.
Bernard, Senior Pastor of the Cultural Christian Center in Brooklyn, as well as
Elder Harold L. Rutherford, Presiding Elder of the African Methodist Episcopal
Church in Harlem, and other New York clergy-members. Senator Gillibrand heard
from the leaders about their concerns and ideas for improving life in the
communities they serve. They discussed ways to work together to strengthen and
revitalize communities, create jobs and create opportunity for families.

A broad range of federal grants are available to faith-based and community
organizations to deliver services to families and communities, including local economic
development projects, health care and HIV preventative services for low-income
families, mentoring programs and child support services for New York kids, research
into effective youth opportunity programs, treatment for substance abuse, and mental
health services for veterans returning from combat.

The guidebook is the latest in a series to provide community organizations,
state and local governments, schools and law enforcement agencies with the
resources they need to access federal funding to prevent cuts to services, save
and create jobs, improve education and create opportunity to improve the lives
of all New Yorkers. Previously Senator Gillibrand released guidebooks to help
local communities access funding for law enforcement through the COPS program
and funding for economic development through the ARRA.