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ICYMI: Video: Gillibrand Denounces Corona Emergency Stock Profiteering Scandal

Mar 21, 2020

KEG 3.21.20


Last night on MSNBC, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand called for members for Congress to stop profiteering on the COVID-19 health crisis by buying and selling stocks while privy to non-public information. Her call comes after public disclosures showed that several senators traded relevant stocks from their personal portfolios after classified or closed briefings on the coronavirus pandemic. In 2012, Senator Gillibrand authored and passed the STOCK Act which required these disclosures. Furthermore, the STOCK Act allows for the prosecution of members of Congress and their families for insider trading on non-public information gleaned from their positions in Congress. 

“We are facing a global health crisis and members of Congress should be focused on protecting the health and well-being of our constituents, not padding their bank accounts by profiteering off this health crisis,” said Gillibrand.

Throughout her career, Senator Gillibrand has made reforming government a top priority. Gillibrand was the first Member of Congress to ever post her personal financial disclosures, earmark requests and lists of official meetings online. She also introduced the Clean Election Act to create publicly-funded elections.